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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Use of Arkaz Website

This Website of Arkaz is available for your personal use, and your access to and use of this Website shall be subject to these Use Terms and Conditions and the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, your access to and use of this Website shall be deemed an unconditional approval of the Use Terms and Conditions whether you are a registered user or not, and this approval shall apply as of the date of first use of Arkaz Website.

This Website mission is to increase communication with the public and to provide a full range of information and services that help enrich the method of dealing with the Corporation and its services.

The use of Arkaz website shall include a number of terms and conditions that are subject to continuous updates and changes as requested. Any update or modification to any of these terms and conditions shall come into effect immediately after it is approved by the management of the Corporation Website, which requires you continuously review the Use Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer to be aware of any updates introduced thereto, as your continuous use of the Corporation Website shall mean that you reviewed and fully accepted any amendment to the Use Terms and Conditions, given that these terms and conditions shall include the property rights. The management of the Corporation Website shall not be required to announce any updates to such terms and conditions.

2. Restrictions of Use

By use of Arkaz Website, you acknowledge refraining from the following:

  • Providing or uploading files containing software, materials, data, or other information not owned by you or of which you do not own a license;
  • Providing or uploading files on the Corporation Website containing viruses or damaged data;
  • Posting, promoting or disseminating materials or information containing defamation to reputation or violation of law, pornographic or obscene materials or contrary to Islamic Principals or public morals or any materials or illegal information through the Website of Arkaz;
  • Participating through the Website of Arkaz in illegitimate or illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Using any method, software or action to disrupt or attempt disrupting the proper functioning of the Website of Arkaz;
  • Taking any action involving unreasonable or inappropriate load on the infrastructure of the Website of Arkaz .

3. Protection against Viruses

We exert all efforts to examine and test the contents of the Corporation Website, and we advise you to install anti-virus software for all materials downloaded from the Internet. We shall not be held liable for any loss, disruption or damage caused to your data, computer or any device used in browsing which may occur while accessing to the Corporation Website or using a material contained therein.

4. Liability Limitation

The e-services provided by the Corporation Website via the internet, and obtaining information on the various governmental subdivisions and bodies are only provided to facilitate the manual procedures. On so doing, you consciously acknowledge that via-the internet communications may encounter interference or obstruction by others, and the portal does not replace the available information through the official bodies, and the administrative requests and procedures can be directly made before the concerned bodies.

Accordingly, using this portal remains your own responsibility and we under any circumstances are not responsible for any loss or harm of any kind that you may sustain as a result of your using or your visiting for the Corporation Website; or taking for granted any statement, viewpoint, or advertisement on the Corporation Website, or what may result from delay in operation, connection difficulties, having problems connecting the internet, device breakdown, programs, behavior or ideas of any person accessing this Corporation Website. Accordingly, you herein acknowledge and consent that your sole and only means to handle any harm or loss that may occur as a result of your accessing or your using for this Corporation Website is to abstain from using it, accessing it; or to stop short of doing that.

5. Indemnification

You acknowledge that you shall not take any action against Arkaz or any of its management, indemnify and hold the same harmless along with any entities, staff or agents that are responsible for the management, maintenance, or updating the Corporation Website against all obligations and liabilities that may arise with regards to any claim arising from your violation of the Use Terms and Conditions or any of the applicable laws either in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or your place of residency.

6. End of Use

We are entitled, as per our absolute discretion, to end, restrict or suspend your right to access to and use the Corporation Website without notification and for any reason including the violation of the Use Terms and Conditions or any other behavior deemed by us illegal or causing damage to other. In case of end of use, you will not be authorized to access to the Corporation Website.

7. Property Rights

All materials available in Arkaz Website including graphs of information and software (contents) shall be protected under copyrights, brand rights and other property rights.

As one of the main objectives of the Corporation Website is to increase awareness and enrich culture of the Website users and visitors, the personal user may benefit, other than making profit, from the content of the Corporation Website and any information posted thereon, with a reference being made that the Corporation Website is the source of such content and information.

On the other hand, in no case the materials or contents of the Corporation Website shall be sold, licensed, leased, amended, copied, reproduced, reposted, downloaded, promoted, transferred, distributed, or posted publicly, or materials driven from the materials or contents of the Website shall be produced to the public or for commercial purposes without obtaining a prior written approval from Arkaz.

8. Law and Jurisdiction

You shall approve that the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be exclusively competent to hear all claims and disputes that may arise as a result of your use of the Corporation Website, given that the Arabic Language shall be the official language used to resolve any disputes that may arise as a result of your use of the Corporation Website or any of its contents.

For any inquiries or opinions on the Privacy Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer, you can contact the management of the Corporation Website through Contact Us page.