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Construction is considered the foundation of any economy’s development, and concrete forms the very base of construction. Arkaz has been at the very helm of the Kingdom’s socio-economic transformation, supporting the construction sector with its global expertise and high-performance construction chemicals and building products.

Operating in the Gulf region for over a decade, Arkaz has evolved and emerged as industry leaders with extensive knowledge and technical capabilities across all facets of the construction chemicals industry.

Arkaz is taking steps to further consolidate and expand its position to being the leading GCC construction chemicals group over the next decade. Taking an incremental approach to change management, the strategy is built on the strategic pillars of people and technology and comprises the development of a balanced product portfolio with a focus on niche markets with value added business products as the company seeks to fill gaps in the existing product range across three business lines: Specialty Building Materials (SBM), Concrete Admixtures (CA), and Chemical Trading (CT)


The biggest future sector of the Kingdom by a large margin is construction and Arkaz is strongly positioned to grow and deliver solid results.

The biggest future sector by a large margin is construction, backed by the huge amount of construction work planned in the kingdom, and we are proudly the registered vendors for some of the biggest development projects including NEOM, the Red Sea Development project, and Saudi Aramco infrastructure development projects.

Overall, the industry is generating high returns and Arkaz is strongly positioned to grow and deliver solid results. The company has performed well in 2020/21 securing some of the most prestigious projects and we look to maximize on the massive pipeline of upcoming projects in the Kingdom, valued at more than $1.15 trillion, making it by far the largest market in all of the GCC states. We are strategically focused on our geographic expansion in Saudi Arabia aiming for projects with high technical requirements where Arkaz can create solutions and value for customers.

Rami Alturki

Chairman, Arkaz