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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Information Confidentiality

As part of its quests and its efforts in order to provide high-quality services for the visitors of its website, the website of the Arkaz gives priority to the information confidentiality of its users and its visitors. As such, the website management exerts strenuous efforts to provide all what benefit its users, along with maintaining the privacy of those users, and taking into account their information confidentiality.

In order to have the intended benefit from the website met, with regard to the privacy and information confidentiality, the visitors of the website and beneficiaries must constructively interact with the website, meaning that they must continuously view the terms and principles of the privacy and information confidentiality to be familiar with any updates they undergo. Given that the website management is not required to announce any updates these terms and principles undergo. Using the website means that you have viewed and accepted these terms and principles, and all the continuous amendments they undergo.

1. Personal Information

  • This document has been prepared to help you understand the nature of the information that you could be asked to provide when visiting the website.
  • The website management takes the procedures which it sees appropriate to maintain the personal information security which it possesses, along with protecting it against loss, unauthorized access, or misuse.

Among the most important of these procedures:

  • Protection measures of information security, and depending on the latest technologies; to safeguard against fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Regular and periodical modernization of protection measures and regulations.
  • Qualifying and training all staff of the website in a manner that guarantees maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information to its visitors.

2. Information-collecting Method

Once you have visited the website, our own server will register the address of your own internet protocol (IP), the date and time of the visit, and the universal resource locator (URL) of any website from which you have forwarded to the website of Arkaz. As it goes at most websites, once you have visited the website, a small file will be put on the hard disc of your device, called “cookies”. The cookies are text files containing information availing the website which put it to retrieve it, when necessary, during the future visits of the same user. This includes the following:

  • Remembering the user name and password.
  • Saving page settings if this was available at the website
  • Saving the colors selected by the user if this was available at the website.
  • Restricting voting more than once for the same user.

You may not have to enter the password on each visit, as the website system will be able to find it out through the cookies; or you might be blocked from re-voting if you voted before and so forth. Accordingly, the website of the Arkaz is to use the information stored in the cookies for technical purposes of its own when it is visited more than once. Also, the website can change the information stored in the cookies, or can add new information when you visit the website of Arkaz in the future.

You are solely responsible for the validity and credibility of the information which you send via this website.

3. Communication with Arkaz

When you inquire or request information about some service or in case of providing additional information using of the contact and communication means with Arkaz whether electronic or non-electronic, such as inquiring about our website, we will use your email to reply to your inquiries. Also, it is possible to save your email and your message, and our reply to it for quality monitoring purposes. We can further do that for the legal and monitoring ends.

4. Protection of your Privacy

In order to maintain your personal information, the electronic storage and the sent personal information is secured through using the appropriate security technologies.

This website may contain electronic links for other websites or websites that use methods for protecting information and their privacy differing from the methods we apply. And we are not to hold accountable for the contents, methods, and privacy of the other websites, and we recommend referring to the privacy terms of these websites.

In order to help you protect your personal information, we recommend the following:

  • Contacting us immediately when you have misgivings that someone managed to get your own password, user code, secret number, or any other confidential information.
  • Not exchanging any confidential information on the phone or the internet if you do not know the identity of the person or the party receiving the information.
  • Using a safe browsing when performing dealings via the internet, along with closing non-used applications on the network; and making sure that the anti-virus program is always updated.

For any inquiries or opinions on the Privacy Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer, you can contact the management of the Corporation Website through Contact Us page.