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Strategic Partnership with Oriental Yuhong for TPO Roofing Systems

Nov 01, 2023 Share this
Strategic Partnership with Oriental Yuhong for TPO Roofing Systems

A Strategic Partnership Between Arkaz and Oriental Yuhong for TPO Roofing Systems in KSA

Arkaz is pleased to announce its new partnership with Oriental Yuhong, a global leader in the waterproofing sector. Arkaz has been awarded to be the exclusive distributor of Oriental Yuhong Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing system in Saudi Arabia. This partnership, signed on the 10th of October 2023 in Beijing, brings innovative and sustainable roofing waterproofing system solutions to the construction market in the Kingdom.

TPO roofing membrane is an eco-friendly system that will contribute to the sustainability development of the construction sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the TPO roofing membrane, Arkaz will also be able to provide a comprehensive solution for the roofing market, by offering Oriental Yuhong’s integrated Photovoltaic System, facilitated also by Oriental Yuhong's strong technical capability in providing combined and integrated solutions.

Dr. Frank Noehmer, Managing Director of Arkaz, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "We are excited to team up with Oriental Yuhong, the number one waterproofing system solutions provider in China. This partnership reflects our dedication to delivering sustainable high-quality products to the market. This partnership will enable Arkaz to offer complete Building Envelope solutions to our customers from below-grade to roofing”.

About Oriental Yuhong:

Oriental Yuhong is ranked front row in the waterproofing market in China with a capacity exceeding 1.3 billion square meters of waterproofing sheet materials and 4.1 million tons of waterproofing coatings. Oriental Yuhong has over 52 manufacturing facilities, 200 production lines and R&D labs across China. It exports to more than 130 countries and regions such as Singapore, Poland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United States, Egypt, India, Thailand, Chile, Africa, Vietnam, and South Korea. It is renowned for its expertise in waterproofing technology and commitment to quality and innovation. It has developed hundreds of innovative products with authorized patents, achieving an internationally advanced level.

About Alturki Holding:

Since 1975, Alturki Holding has been a key facilitator in the development of modern Saudi Arabia, having been involved in almost every major infrastructure development across the Kingdom.  Alturki Holding is a premier investor and partner of choice for building sustainable businesses in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. With over four decades of experience, Alturki Holding has built and accelerated the growth of its portfolio of leading businesses across an array of sectors including Construction and Building Materials, Infrastructure, Transportation, Information and Communications Technologies, Oil-Field Services, Real Estate and more. Many of Alturki Holding’s subsidiaries have become leaders in their field, including the largest general contractor, the largest producer of ready-mixed concrete, the largest cement trader, and a leading telecom distributor, to name a few.

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