Concrete Admixture Systems

We offer a wide variety of more than 100 different concrete admixtures (fit for purpose):

Plasticizers & Set Retarders.

Superplasticizers (SNF and PCE)

Specialty concrete chemicals:

  • Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture
  • Hydration Stabilizers
  • Air-Entraining admixture
  • Semi-dry concrete admixture
  • Anti-washout admixture

    Our ready mix solutions ensure you produce strong, durable and workable concrete.

    Strong, durable concrete is the foundation of every construction project. But concrete must not only meet engineers’ specs but also be highly workable and easy to place.

      We make the industry's most complete range of materials for ready mix concrete.

      Concrete admixtures: FluidumĀ® high-range water reducers are used in commercial construction from the tallest buildings to the largest infrastructure projects. Arcrete medium-range water reducers are added to concrete for projects such as luxury homes. Our low-range water reducers are used in concrete for basements, footing and similar applications.

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