Building Products

Essential Building Product Solutions

Arkaz is offering a broad range of essential building products. Main focus is on cementitious products

Our product range includes:

  • non-shrink grouts
  • Concrete Repair
  • Bonding Agents
  • Curing Compounds
  • Releasing agents
  • Sealants


This range of products has been selected so that you can easily find the right product for your project scope and conditions. This optimizes costs and extends the life of your project

    Innovative materials, tailored to meet your needs

    Our products are designed specifically to withstand the weather conditions in this geographic region. Extreme heat, great temperature variations and extreme loads are expected and mitigated with our solutions

      Constant Product Development

      Arkaz constantly develops their products so that their application is easy and fast to be applied. This provides higher productivity and peace of mind to the end user.

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