About Us

Performance Matters

Arkaz has been operating for more than 10 years in GCC and has been developed into a leading player in the construction chemicals industry in the gulf region. Arkaz is primarily focused on providing unique, innovate and cost-effective construction chemicals and Concrete Admixtures of the highest quality that cater to the requirements of the industry.


Wide range of specialised construction chemical solutions to ensure end users are able to achieve exceptional performance, both commercially and technically.


Continuously evolving products that keep up with international standards, R&D, and the latest technological advances.


Proven products that ensure long term durability and resistance to harsh elements.


Whether residential or commercial, small or large infrastructure, you can trust Arkaz to deliver the right solution.


The company was founded as a joint venture with W.R. Grace a global leader in concrete admixtures and waterproofing and became a 100% owned subsidiary of Alturki Holding. Produced in 2 locally owned plants in Saudi Arabia.

Research and Development

Arkaz continuously evolves its products to keep up with international standards and R&D. Our literature is periodically updated to reflect the latest technological advances.

Our Solutions

Arkaz offers a wide range of quality construction products and systems and is operating in 3 product groups.

The 3 product groups cover the full range of

  • Concrete admixture systems (CA)
  • Waterproofing systems (WP)
  • Building Products (BP)
Our Certifications
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